Wealth solutions

It’s easy to overlook plans for the family legacy over the longer term, but we can equip you with a lasting governance framework. We can also provide wealth-planning advice across jurisdictions and generations, guide you in your philanthropy, and engage the next generation.

While every investor faces a unique set of circumstances, there are certain financial situations that are typically shared by wealthy individuals and families around the world.

Wealth structuring

Our wealth planning and structuring services can help you protect your assets, enhance control over your financial position and aid the orderly succession of your assets to the next generation.

Family governance

Our advisers can work with your family to make sure your governance structure is clearly articulated and that all members of the family understand its businesses, its wealth and its goals.

Educating the next generation

Members of your family’s next generation need to be ready for the challenges and complexities they will face when assuming a leadership role in managing your family’s wealth. We provide training and education to help them to prepare for their new roles.

Philanthropy services

For over 50 years we’ve been helping align wealthy individuals and families with important social causes, adding to the creation of a thriving philanthropic society.


However well you plan, some events can’t be predicted. Insurance can play a vital role when you establish your wealth-management and succession-planning strategy.