We take the time required to carefully understand your investment needs so you and your family have access to the most relevant range of investment products and services to help you achieve your goals.

While every investor faces a unique set of circumstances, there are certain financial situations that are typically shared by wealthy individuals and families around the world.

Investment philosophy

At the heart of all our investment services is a commitment to some essential principles that shape the guidance and services we provide.

Investment services

Your wealth brings great opportunities and significant challenges. We offer you a choice of portfolio management services and investment solutions relevant to your business endeavours, investments and lifestyle.

Discretionary investment management

You may decide to delegate the management of your investment portfolio to our specialists. We can provide you with expert guidance, personalised, professional service, and access to experienced investment managers across the globe.

Alternative investments

We’ve been advising clients on alternative investment opportunities for a quarter of a century. Today, thanks to this heritage, we have a range of investment options that meet the needs of our private clients.

Advisory services

If you prefer to take an active role in your investment activities, our investment professionals will provide advice and guidance, while the final investment decisions remain with you.

Services for self-directed investors

When you manage your own investment portfolio you can still benefit from our investment specialists’ global knowledge and views. We also offer a broad range of tools and solutions that can play an important role as you develop your investment strategy.